| 20 januari 2013

Cute cute piggies! Ofcourse KaDoodle Bug Design!
Pretty in pink ;o)

Going Bananas!

| 20 januari 2013
Had to make a boys birthday card yesterday, and this is how it turned out!
Hope you like it!


Tutorial Giftcard holder (Using a envalope! )

| 04 januari 2013
My Ladybug giftcard holder! <3 KaDoodle Bug Design File!
Pick a envolope u want use as base for the giftcard holder, fold it in the midle as the pic shows
Cut it until you reach the fold lind as in de pic
Glue the envelope part down or lick it, just 1 half!
Adjust the corner of the flap to match the other corner
Now you have your pocket for the giftcard
turn the envelope, and glue or tape from left to right to attach your ribbon
Tada ribbon is glued on the card ;) (make sure you can tie the ribbon... this ribbon was horrible to tie so i had to change it later :( )
i first glued 2 black parts om the outside of the giftcard holder
Now i glue down my design paper
Same on inside... first the black
then a design paper that i liked
Punch or cut a half circle, so you can take out the giftcard more easy
glue it on the other side
i punched out another circle glued a ladybug on it as a docaration and your giftcard holder is finished! Super easy but super cut!


Boys giftcard holder

| 03 januari 2013
Giftcard holder!
I used the Halloween bears from KaDoodle Bug Design, and a simple envelope as giftcard holder base :)

Party Like a Dragon

| 03 januari 2013
Hoorayyy a birthday card!
I used the "Party Like a Dragon" files from KaDoodle Bug Design!
Hope you like it!!

Nigels card for his grandmother

| 02 januari 2013
My son (8) Made this card for his grandmother, he just needs to buy lavender candles to put in the card, hes not picky at all ;o)

Love is in the air!

| 02 januari 2013
Isnt this a a cutie?? i made it with the "Stealing Hearts Bandit" files from KaDoodle Bug Design!
you can find them --> HERE <---

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KaDoodle Bug Design

KaDoodle Bug Design
Here i find the BEST cutfiles ever! <3
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Peachy Keen website

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